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IMPORTANT:We assign the above account exclusively to you for collection. As our agent, you are authorized to proceed at once to collect the account. In the event it becomes necessary to forward the claim to an attorney for legal action, we request that you first contact us prior to such action for our authorization unless otherwise agreed. If we elect to forward the matter to an attorney American International Associates as our agent and as a convenience to us, may send the account to an attorney designated by you in the country of the debtor or, where none is so designated to an attorney whose name or firm appears in a law list publication approved by the American Bar Association or representative international agency, upon prevailing rates in the area, net to him. You or our attorneys are authorized to accept payments and to endorse checks, notes, money orders or drafts for extension. We further understand that if we authorize legal action, a suit fee or charge for legal services provided by the attorney will be made in addition to the regular collection fees. We also understand that withdrawal of this account, any payments, settlements, or return of merchandise received by us after the assigned date will be subject to regular fees.

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