Choosing the Right Agency

Saying your an International Debt recovery agency and being a TRUE International debt recovery agency are vastly different. If you are not interested in whether or not you collect your international debt then go ahead send your case to your domest debt collection partner.  

When the case has been closed as uncollectible, I urge you to send the matter to American International Associates so we can get you your money. My office has collected hundreds of thousdands of dollars for clients just like you, now let me collect your money. It's expreience that makes the difference. 

My office is dedicated 100% to International debt recovery, we just dont say we are, we actually enmgage in international debt collection and provide you with the best chances of recovery. We are the agency that many commercial agencies send those uncollectible international cases to. As well those agencies are all around the world, not just here in the USA and Canada.   


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