"A call and a letter"

There are a lot of commercial collection agencies that for the sake of providing commercial debt recovery services will tell you they are fully capable of handling your international debt recovery cases, when in fact international debt recovery is not their primary focus. Its high volume domestic claims, NOT International claims. 

Most of the agencies that suggest they engage in International Debt recovery will provide you with a Call and a Letter and that's pretty much it. International debt recovery is much more than a call and a letter. In my expreiences I haves spent hours researching a debtor business to make sure we get it right the first time. Our initial contact with the debtor buisiness needs to be accurate, so research is extremely important to our success.

I can spend up to 3 or 4 hours on one international claim! You are NOT going to get that from a regualr commercial debt recovery company, NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. They can not deedicate that kind of time to a claim. Most agencies are smile and dial. Its all about volume and how many calls they make in a day, not how many cases they settle in a day. Thats the difference between saying you are a Internatioanl Debt recovery company and actually being an International debt recovery company.  American International Associates is truly 100% dedicated to International debt recovery so make the right choice with your International debt claims.      



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