Personal Care

Personal Care & International Debt & Mediation

I think it is important to outline the personal care idea that I have mentioned in the content of this website and how American International Associates opererates. The long and short of this is that I am American International Associates, LLC. along with my domestic and international associate attorneys, of course.

My company is not any sort of "Big Box" clearing house for commercial debt recovery work. What I provide my clients is a very personal and specialized service related to their commercial accounts receivables issues. 

It is true that I keep only a select few clients in my portfolio thus allowing me to build and design a mediation and recovery program just for their individual cases. Unlike traditional collection agencies that depend on form letters and dialer systems. AIA is far different than that in many ways. 

I liken the differences to a "House Painter" although a very good house painter can do a beautiful job on your home you probably would not want him to paint your car. Same situation applys to international commercial debt recovery and mediation. Why in the world would you have your domestic consumer/ commercial agency handle your International cases ? 

International debt recovery and mediation is quite different than domestic consumer and commercial collection work. The two have nothing in common at all. I think most businesses that have commercial international work don't even realize that if they give that International case to their regular agency, the agency will likely out source the work to another company with more experience in International work. Even then the case may be outsourced a second time.

I am sure there are a lot of businesses with international debt cases sitting on a desk somewhere because they do not know anyone who can handle the specialized work required to resolve the case.

Many times it requires a good understanding of international communications and cultural differences. This in itself can often help resolve a situation and save a business relationship.


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