International Partners

Domestic and International Partnerships

I think it is very important to point out that Amerian International Associates is partnered with many different commecial agencies all over the world. From right here in the United States and throughout the world AIA is the preferred agent for international commercial debt recovery. 

A great deal of my work come from other commercial debt recovery companies who simply do  not have the resources to effectively handle their customers international needs and that's when I get a phone call.

Sometimes international debts require specialized legal care that may involve complicated contracts and perhaps licensing deals. The majority of these clients simly do not have the legal expertise to handle this sort of  situation nor are they licensed to do so. This will require them to engage a legal expert in that country to resolve the matter for them. Again, this is where I come in. 

I have outstranding representation in nearly every country. I can also initially secure that representation in many cases on a contingency fee basis. This gives the client a way the engage an international attorney without payment upfront. 

That is one of the large benefits that AIA provide for their partner agents all over the world.    


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