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Welcome to AIA news blog for October 2013.  As most of my clients are already aware, AIA is a international legal advocacy firm. As part of my legal referral process I use a very well established and comprehesive network of commercial attorneys here in the United States. I access this prestigious group of lawyers through what is known as the "Commercial Law League of America" or simply known as: The CLLA.   

Over the years I have established some outstanding relationships with many of the member attorneys and always continue to nurture those as well as new relationships. As part of the growth process for AIA, I will be attending the annual CLLA dinner in New York City on November 8th, 2013. I do look forward to to meeting many more of my long time associates and some of my new associates. 

I plan to provide some photographs in the near future from the dinner engagement and hope you will have a look. They will apperar in the November 2013 AIA News Blog. 

Kind Regards,

Bruce B. Hopcus

Owner and President



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